The ROI of Hiring an HR consultant

actual cost vs. perceived cost

We are often asked "what is the actual cost of hiring an HR Consultant?" and "What can a consultant do for me?" Below we will help answer your questions and by the end, you will see how an HR Consultant can save you tens of thousands of dollars, give you back your valuable time and eliminate the HR headaches you are currently trying to solve.

Every small to mid-size business reaches a point where they have decided they need to either hire an HR Generalist/HR Manager or outsource the function. By the time a business gets to this point, the HR seat has often been managed by either the business owner or by another team member that's been wearing multiple "hats" and can no longer devote the time to the function.

When evaluating the need for an HR pro, the typical pain points that many businesses tell us they are facing include:

1. Recruiting- "the war for top talent in this market is intense. I don't have time to screen and interview multiple candidates. I also don't have enough data to make informed decisions about compensation and benefits. I need help!".

2. Legal Compliance- "I didn't know the penalties for lack of I-9 compliance could be in the thousands of dollars", or "I didn't know that every employee needs a separate personnel file that pertains to medical data" or " I didn't realize it could be illegal to tell an employee they have to cut their hair".

3. Employee Relations- "I wish my employees were engaged and excited to be here. Why aren't they more motivated?" or "with the pandemic, my business couldn't afford to give employees an increase last year, what else can we do?"

4. HR Department start-up/ organization- " I am a business owner and I wear so many different hats, I just can't keep up with the HR piece anymore! I need someone to organize everything, create an employee handbook and put the pieces together!".

5. HR Projects- "I don't have a continuing need for an HR person on staff, but I have several projects that I need help with."

Rest assured...we can help you! lists the median base salary for a full-time HR Manager in the United States at $105,000 per year. If you are a small to medium size business, the cost of hiring an HR Consultant could be half that amount. "Why?" you ask? Let me explain.

An HR Manager is a full-time employee of the business. Not only is the business paying a base compensation, but they are also providing benefits, paying employment taxes, contributing to a 401k and very often providing an annual bonus. If you add the value of each of these, it could add another $50,000, bringing the total actual cost up to $155,000 annually, or more!

An HR Consultant is engaged as a valued business partner with a very streamlined and targeted approach at solving your issues. As such, we are laser focused on getting the results you need and want in much less time than 40 hours per week. We charge hourly for our services and there is never a cost for benefits, taxes, annual bonus or 401k. We can save you 50% or more over hiring a full time HR employee and will deliver outstanding results! Just ask our other satisfied clients.

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